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Friday, February 26, 2016

Crimson Falls - The True Face of Human Nature (2006)

Artist: Crimson Falls
Album: The True Face of Human Nature
Genre: Melodic Deathcore
Label: Shiver Records
Quality: 320 (CD-Rip)

1. Abort Every Weakness
2. Erase All Fear
3. Architecture Disavowed
4. Controle Alt Delete (Featuring Sven de Caluwé of Aborted)
5. Prelude to the Cataclysm
6. Four Slaves, Four Struggles
7. Martyr Vs. Terrorist (Featuring xCarox of No Recess)
8. Poetry For the Scum
9. In Flanders Field
10. We Are the Dead
11. Book of Memories
12. The True Face of Human Nature




Thanks to TPE from Power of the Prog Side for Sharing his CD-RIP. (DWTD501)

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