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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Greatness Design - Pillars of Creation (2013)

Artist: The Greatness Design
Album: Pillars of Creation
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Label: Unsigned
Quality: 256 (iTunes Purchase)

1. Enlighten Our Kind
2. The Sprawling Empire
3. A Worldview Arises
4. Trouble Times
5. Redefine This Course
6. Brightest Point (Featuring Adrián Terrazas-González of T.R.A.M.)
7. Silent Exposure
8. The Grim Agreement
9. Decrease Humanity
10. Restore Our Kingdom
11. The New Path
12. Upon the Empty Surface
13. When Your Biggest Nightmare Becomes True (2009)
14. Dark Silence (2008)
15. Beneath the Lies (2006)




Credit for purchase goes to Travis at TheDuckCore.

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