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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Nani's Top 10 EP's of 2015

It's been a hell of a year and a hell of an honor to be a part of a wonderful community, discovering, sharing, and simply enjoying killer tunes. I wanted to thank ya'll for being real people, it's very nice after work to have my little piece of heaven here :) Thought i'd throw together a Top 10 of my favorite EP's this year, as there were so many namedroppers it's near impossible to delegate, so I thought i'd put a shine on the new hero's in my books, and hopefully ya'll can get to know me better. Cheers, and Happy New Years!


Artist: A Trust Unclean
Album: Reality Relinquished [EP]
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Label: Unsigned


Fragmenting Reality was one of the best things to happen to my life and out of nowhere they bless me with what I thought would never be again. Facewrecker right here.


Artist: Pillars Of Autumn
Album: Sodomizer [EP]
Genre: Deathore
Label: Unsigned


Love my straight-up deathcore, squeals and chugs son, and let's be honest- with all the namedroppers this year it's some pretty stiff comp everything's just so fuckin' saucy, but these guys are like a nice bowl of Chunky for me, whole-hearted mouthfuls of fisting chugs & sexy sqeals, this is such a monster.  Let's here it for Canada bitches :D!


Artist: Gnarwhale
Album: Colour [EP]
Genre: Progressive/Post-Hardcore
Label: Unsigned


INTENSE. When you want to just get pumped and groove the fuck out this is such a fucking mint rollercoaster of endless & expansive instrumental progressions, exploding with pissed-off energy & powerful cleans, such a goddamn delight 


Artist: My Home, The Catacombs
Album: Phobias [EP]
Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore
Label: Unsigned


More Canadian carnage :) These guys just keep getting better and better and this some some sinister shit with some moy bueno melodies as a killer contrast, filled with tonnes of eerie background elements, interludes, and the raw brutality that just wraps the bow on top of the blood-covered box beside your corpse after santa ripped your fucking eyes out to this soundtrack. yeah. it's tender.


Artist: Scrvnton
Album: Uphill [EP]
Genre: Experimental/Math/Progressive/Post-Hardcore
Label: Unsigned


Fresh as fuck. SUCH a beautiful amalgamation of a myriad of genres and influences, just an oustanding and intriguing effort of bang-on musicianship. Very tight butthole.


Artist: Followed
Album: Something In The Mirror [EP]
Genre: Alternative/Post-Hardcore
Label: Unsigned


His voice. Oh my sweet tits his voice. I sing my heart out along to this everyday, such a knock-out<3


Artist: I, Valiance
Album: The Reject Of Humanity [EP]
Genre: Progressive/Technical Deathcore
Label: Unsigned


Like I really need to say anything, eh


Artist: The Illustrator
Album: A Tale Of Modern Theatrics [EP]
Genre: Alternative Rock/Symphonic Post-Hardcore
Label: Unsigned


Haha what a fuckin' joy, these guys remind me of The Used's older stuff; really twisted, psychotic, demented but damn fun, packed with addicting chorus' and peppy riffs along with the ramblings of a fuckin' mad-man- conversations between split personalities and loads of relatable self-conflict hit right up my alley, this from front-to-back is a non-stop fiesta and I haven't missed a day jamming the shit out of it. Mwah!


Artist: Raccoon Washing Machine
Album: Lost In Space [EP]
Genre: Atmospheric/Electronic/Progressive Metalcore/Female-Fronted
Label: Unsigned


Really stands out from the upcoming wave of female-fronted/co-vox bands, this chick's rocking some Amy Lee pipes and they just soar through proggy riffage and dirty crunches, with some pretty cool atmospheric elements going on in the background. My go-to for ending a hard day's work with a fat bowl and the night stars. Amazing music.


Artist: Monastaries
Album: The Empty Black [EP]
Genre: Experimental/Technical Deathcore
Label: Unsigned


These are my booooys, heaviest shit i've heard this year. Insant & non-stop brain hemorrhaging stupid crazy ass energy thats just engorged with frantic fretwork, organic-ass anger and BEAST vocals, this dude haul's hard. fucknuts breakdowns.

As for the rest of the releases, re-releases, and new artists this year, everything wasn't too shab, eh?Anywho, keep blazin, work hard, party harder, and keep'r brutal :)
Love ya'll

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