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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day Three, Dusk - Guardians [EP] (2015)

Artist: Day Three, Dusk
Album: Guardians [EP]
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Quality: 320 (Bandcamp Purchase)

1. Tyrant
2. Guardians
3. Caladbold (Ft. Michael Cullen of Keepsake)
4. Meetlecoar
5. Nuritym
6. Lockjaw (Ft. I Built the Sky)
7. Vortex




right up my fuckin' alley, non-stop jumpy-jumpyness as melodious riffs are just being slung at your face, tasty vox overlaps, tonnes of dirty chugging, bleghs, and just an overall impressive front-to-back effort, and they put it out for free like god damn


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