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Monday, October 5, 2015

Raccoon Washing Machine - Lost In Space [EP] (2015)

Artist: Raccoon Washing Machine
Album: Lost In Space [EP]
Genre: Atmospheric/Electronic/Progressive Metalcore/Female-Fronted
Label: Unsigned
Quality: 320 (Bandcamp Purchase)

1. Dreams and Whisper
2. Lost In Space
3. Lullaby




A bounty of soft-to-the-touch background elements amplify this chick's ridiculously powerful voice paired with proggy ass grooves to create vivid & dynamic mental-portraits of emotions for the overly imaginative. Everytime I jam this i'm simply hypnotized by the myriad of atmospheres that perfectly conform to the focal mood of every environment I go through, and don't worry-
shit gets heavy<3 Absolutely amazing work.


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