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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Open Eyes Elysia - Optophobia: Lamenting the Sphere (2008)

Artist: Open Eyes Elysia
Album: Optophobia: Lamenting the Sphere
Genre: Experimental/Chaotic Mathcore/Female-Fronted
Label: Unsigned
Quality: 320 (Bandcamp Purchase)

1. Cancer Dancer
2. Vogue
3. Guts Exposed
4. Bound
5. Vox Celeste
6. Vox Humana
7. Take Another Swing at the Casket
8. The Depths (And a Father Bear)




Unfathomable sentimental value right here. One of the first bands I ever saw live as a wee munchkin, I owe these guys for being there for me throughout countless days across many years, this album has been one of my best friends from the beginning of my introduction to metal. There's some gorgeous fucking moments hidden in all the chaos, and my god they still tickle me tender. 


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