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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Depths of Black - Into the Nature of Life... and Death [EP] (2015)

Artist: Depths of Black
Album: Into the Nature of Life... and Death
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Unsigned
Quality: 320 (From VK)

1. Depths Part I
2. Buried Alive (Ft. Alexey Starovoytov)
3. Revenge
4. Eternal War
5. Violence (Ft. Kirill Sidunov)
6.  Hate & Blood




FFO Slaughter to Prevail/Impersonal Influence/Dissolution of Morality/EPIC RUSSIAN DEATHCORE

This just blew me the fuck away. Love finding those life changing gems out of the complete blue, this is just straight-up deathcore like I remember, all balls and no innovative fancy pantsy-ing. I've literally been trying to go on a personal-level spiel about how every perfectly composed second of every song carried by this dude's goddamn vocals and nostalgic audioclips breaks down all my barriers and tickles me in the most tender of ways, but I just can't put the magnitude of love into words, i've just been repeating this beast back-to-back while running mental-circles about how I can barely comprehend how much I simply fucking adore what i'm hearing, I can't even enjoy my cigarette right now haha, trust me when I say this is some
deadly shit. 


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