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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Before The Harvest - Wretched Existence (2015)

Artist: Before The Harvest
Album: Wretched Existence
Genre: Symphonic/Technical Deathcore/Brutal Death Metal
Label: Unsigned
Quality: 320 (Bandcamp Purchase)

1. Process of Deterioration
2. Overriding the Menial
3. Anesthetized Dissection (Ft. Tyler Shelton of Traitors)
4. Nefarious Verocity
5. Achluophobia (Ft. Jake Gerstle of The Schoenberg Automaton)
6. Lifeform Disintegration Ray (Ft. Duncan Bentley of (Vulvodynia)
7. Filthy Breed
8. Obscene Turpitude
9. Denouement...




Finally got around to snagging this, don't mind my tardiness haha i've been living under a rock for the past while, and I can't believe what i've been missing out on. This is just bologna, easily one of my favorite albums this year & ever, period. 

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